Dutch Waterways

A site to accompany my book, Inland Waterways of the Netherlands, published by Imray in 2007.

Blog and updates collated from my own experience as well as those contributed by other visitors. Recently updated to a responsive template to facilitate better access from mobile devices. Monetisation by means of the Amazon affiliate advertising programme, allowing direct links to purchase Inland Waterways of the Netherlands, as well as other related books and targeted products.

…good to see the website is still alive & well after all this time…spent quite a bit of time already in Holland,¬†a special thanks to your good book – John & Jill Mason, Aqua Libra


2 thoughts on “Dutch Waterways

  1. Hi I have been using your excellent guide since it was first published, having been sailing to Holland for more than 30 years it is by a million miles the best.
    Have you issued any updates since the original publication please?
    Harry Bird

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for your comment and glad you are finding it useful. If you go to the dutchwaterways.net site you will find all the updates I have published there.

    No new edition in the pipeline as yet I’m afraid, but do feel free to send me any new info to go on the site.


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