One of the main objectives clients normally have for their website is to be ‘top of Google’. To do this you need to be embracing what’s now called content marketing.

Google wants good, well-written content and it wants to make it available to people who are looking for it. Effective SEO is not about tricking Google into ranking your site top – you should be aiming to actually have the best, most relevant content for the search phrases you are targetting.

The easiest way of achieving this is by including a blog as part of your site.

Having a blog will help with:

  • regularly updated content
  • build a subscriber’s mailing list
  • provide original content for your social media posts
  • become a key influencer in your industry
  • appeal to long tail keyword searches

Not everyone has the time, or the skills to regularly draft new content, so something I can help with is taking your news and ideas and turning them into regular blog posts.