Business blog topics

Business blog topics

Or, why your business blog shouldn’t be about your business.

Your web designer has probably already told you that you should be blogging: to promote your services; to help bring in clients; to build your reputation. But what they maybe didn’t explain very well was exactly what you should be blogging about, and the sorts of business blog topics that readers are interested in.

Lots of businesses make the mistake of calling their blog a News page, which focuses the attention on what’s happening inside their business, rather than on what customers might be interested in reading. (And thanks to Jon Morrow for clearing up the confusion on this one in his recent video.)

Nobody wants to read a new post every week about your latest product, why they should buy your whizz bang widget, or the fact that you’re going to be exhibiting at a trade show. Big deal. What they are much more interested in is what’s going on in THEIR lives, and how you can make THEIR life better.

It’s a good idea to sit down and brainstorm a few ideas for the next month, or three month’s blog topics – that’s only 12 ideas if you do one a week. And it saves you waking up on blog day with that feeling of panic, thinking what am I going to blog about today??

There are lots of ideas online about generic blog topics which would work for any business, and you can repurpose these for your own industry and business situation.

Here’s 12 popular ideas which you can use to build your blog calendar for the next three months.

  1. 5 apps I can’t do without
  2. 7 things to stop doing when ……
  3. Starting from scratch: ……. 101
  4. Step-by-step: How to………
  5. My favourite old-school tip that still works
  6. Answer to an FAQ
  7. Ask a question of your readers (seek comments)
  8. Guest post from authoritative source
  9. Hottest trend in our industry
  10. Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  11. A recent experience as a customer that informed your service offering
  12. Share a video (from someone else) with your thoughts on it

Could you use one of these topics in your business? Leave your title in the comments!

Don’t forget, you already hold the key to a successful blog, which is the passion for and knowledge of your topic. Just share that expertise with your readers and you will have them beating a path to your door.

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